“To explore, discover and document bioresources of the North-Eastern region, assess their economic importance, develop models of sustainable resource use and build capacity and strengthen institutions in Biodiversity Science”

Basics of Mollusc Taxonomy and Ecology

A certificate online-training programme on improving your skills in Molluscan Taxonomy

The online workshop will be held from 09th to 11th December 2020

Summary of the workshop
Most of us are enamored by the colorful shells found in sea beaches. These shells or molluscs are not just found in the ocean but are as diverse and colorful in land as well as freshwater habitats. Understanding their diversity and basic ecology is the first step towards using their potential value as bioresource.

The three day online workshop will aim to impart basic knowledge of integrative taxonomy, ecology, biogeography and conservation of Indian non-marine molluscs (land and freshwater). The participants will learn the diversity of Indian land and freshwater molluscs with special emphasis on NE India. They will also be exposed to basic ecology of this group and learn how water quality and soil parameters governing their choice of microhabitat and distribution. The workshop will include lectures on biogeography and origin of Indian molluscan fauna. It is imperative to conserve these species in their habitats in order to ensure their effective utilization as bioresources. The last section of the workshop will be dedicated to exchange of knowledge to conserve the bioresource value of the species in the Northeast Indian region and learn tradition value of these species not just as food and medicine but also their cultural significance.

The purpose of the workshop is not just to impart knowledge but to facilitate exchange of ideas between the participants and the organizers to develop a more comprehensive understanding of biology of these species and their cultural and economic value.

Course Fees

There is no registration fee for participating in the online workshop.

Who Can Apply

Students (B.Sc, M.Sc, PhDs), Post-Doctoral Fellows, Early career scientists (Applicants should be from/working in the North-East, India)

Application Deadline

Interested candidates may fill in the form provided in the link below by 6th December 2020.
Selected applicants will be notified by 7th December 2020.

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For more information or queries, please contact:
Sajitha T P: sajitha.tp@atree.org (ATREE)
G Ravikanth: gravikanth@atree.org (ATREE)


The workshop is conducted under the aegis of Department of Biotechnology funded project “Bioresources and Sustainable Livelihoods in Northeast India”.