“To explore, discover and document bioresources of the North-Eastern region, assess their economic importance, develop models of sustainable resource use and build capacity and strengthen institutions in Biodiversity Science”

"Edible Insects for Sustainable Livelihood"
A two day workshop on livelihood opportunities of edible insects and sustainable harvesting practices

The workshop will be held from 11th to 12th March 2021 at Kohima Science College, Jotsoma, Phezhu, Kohima, Nagaland.

Summary of the workshop
Insects are the most promising and sustainable food and feed of the future. Considering the case of Northeast India, entomophagy was established long back and is deeply rooted in the ethnic culture. Currently, there is rising acceptance of entomophagy globally, and there lies the importance of livelihood opportunities it can provide. Tapping the potentials of insects as a bioresource by commercial rearing and domestication techniques can work wonders on rural livelihoods and also can reduce the pressure on the wild insect population thereby resulting in insect conservation.

A two day workshop is organized to discuss the potentials of insect rearing and domestication in enhancing the rural economy. The workshop will enable the participants to have a basic understanding of which insects are eaten, how to identify, rear, and domesticate them so as to improve sustainable livelihood opportunities. Also, hands-on training will be provided on insect identification.

Course Fees

There is no registration fee for participating in the online workshop.

Who Can Apply

Anyone who is interested in edible insect enterprises: Students (B.Sc, M.Sc, PhDs), Post-Doctoral Fellows, Early career scientists, Young Teachers/Assistant Professors (Applicants should be from/working in the North-East, India)

Application Deadline

Interested candidates may fill in the form provided in the link below by 05th March 2021.
Selected applicants will be notified by 06th March 2021.

Apply Online

https://forms.gle/AYaqKj27bjXDAGHK6 For more information or queries, please contact: Femi E Benny: femi.benny@atree.org (ATREE) Thejavikho Chase: thejavikhochase@gmail.com (ATREE) Sajitha T P: sajitha.tp@atree.org (ATREE) G Ravikanth: gravikanth@atree.org (ATREE)


The workshop is conducted under the aegis of Department of Biotechnology funded project "Bioresources and Sustainable Livelihoods in Northeast India".